About us

About us

Aleš „Žabža“ Bžatek

  • student at Mendel’s University in Brno, graphic designer, age 25

Jaroslav „Yarin“ František

  • programmer, age 31

Aleš „Alin“ Kašpar

  • software analyst, age 32

and of course not forgetting the last member of our group, the one which is going to carry not just us, but also our equipment – the Black José

  • modified Toyota 4runner, age 21
Our travelling experiences (both individual and common):
Organizers and co-organizers of the following tours:

  • India/China 2004 and 2007 (Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia)
  • South America 2005 (Peru, Bolivia)
  • Cuba (2008)
  • USA 2009
  • Africa 2010 (Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, SAR)
  • India (2010)

Vladimír „Weir“ Šoumal

  • our agent, age 31

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