About the journey

A tour around the world is surely a dream of every traveler. Our goal however, is not to circumscribe the globe via the shortest and easiest route. What attracts us most about traveling is getting to know different cultures and remote places that are not yet a destination of many tourists. Therefore we decided to visit the continents, which from this perspective, offer the most – Asia and Africa. In a short time you can expect posts from Siberian plains, chaotic Asian countries, Hymalayan passes, landlocked states in central Asia, Arab oil kingdoms, or the African countries, often decimated by wars.

The initial idea was the usual one – until now, most of us have traveled using the help of local inhabitants with bags on our backs and sometimes local people on our knees. This sort of travelling has many advantages – you don’t have to know the local roads, worry about the petrol and in addition, you can enjoy the feeling of „real travelling“. However there are disadvantages as well. Sometimes you get to a situation when local vehicles are unable to get you where you want or need (usually due to appalling technical state in combination with bad weather conditions), no-one currently goes in that direction or you find yourself in a village where there is only one available car and the price therefore rises accordingly… If you have a „traveler’s spirit“ you definitely know what we are talking about. For this expedition however, we chose a different approach. Despite of all the bureaucracy, obstructions, exceptions, laws and regulations, having your own car which can most of the time get you exactly where you want and when you need it, is worth it.

For the great feeling of freedom and the desire of „achieving something“. You will understand once we get back and share our experiences.

May 2011 – April 2013

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